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“Day-2-Pray” Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Praying Together for God’s Plan and Will for WBC

Biblical Basis: And they continued steadfastly…in prayers. (Acts 2:42)

Motivational Quote: We will never know the will of God for our church unless our church asks God through prayer. (A God-Centered Church by Henry Blackaby)


  1. “My Day-2-Pray” Prayer Ministry—church members who feel called to pray for a 30-minute to an hour time slot one day a week for WBC. This prayer time can be observed at home.

  2. “Our Day-2-Pray” Prayer Ministry—persons who feel called to come together to pray once a week at a certain time and a certain place (Zoom Prayer Meetings are a possibility as well!) The group—families, men, ladies, youth, couples, senior adults, etc.—determines the time and place and schedules/coordinates with pastor/church calendar.

  3. Pastor will share each month (and more frequently if opportunities/needs arise) a “Day-2-Pray” Prayer Guide for those who sign-up prayer requests from the church. These requests can be generated by the pastor, church leaders, and church members. The individuals will use this prayer guide when they intercede as well as guide the groups when they gather to share Scripture and pray.

  4. These requests will focus on how God is speaking and guiding His church to know how to join and obey the Lord in His plan and purpose for the church.

Process/Countdown Calendar:

  1. Each member/couple/family is encouraged to first pray concerning participation. If so, which day will be set aside to pray 30-60 minutes for God’s will and plan for WBC.

  2. Individuals complete the green sign-up card and place on the appropriate day of the “Day-2-Pray” Board. (Cards will be available beginning Sunday, August 2.)

  3. Couples, families, or groups come together and complete the yellow sign-up card and place on “Day-2-Pray” Board. (Cards will be available beginning Sunday, August 2.)

  4. Initial deadline is to have heard from God and place card on board by Sunday, August 23.

  5. Fill-out the training card of which session you will attend the “Day-2-Pray” Training Session at one of the following days/times (Each session is for individual, couple, family, or group participants): (Dates and times are subject to change.)

         a. Sunday, August 23 at 4:00pm

         b. Wednesday, August 26 at 6:00pm

         c. Saturday, August 29 at 10:00am

    6. “Day-2-Pray” Ministry Dedication Sunday, August 30

    7. “Day-2-Pray” Ministry Launch Day, Monday, August 31

“Our Day-2-Pray” Reminders and Ideas: *The following is provided for groups who are being directed to meet for prayer. These guidelines may not specifically pertain to couples and families but may serve as a helpful reminder or guide.

  1. The focus of the time is to pray not visit. A fellowship time may be included as an additional component but does not supersede the group’s primary purpose of to pray.

  2. The prayer focus of the group is from the Prayer Guide that has been provided. Though the prayer time can pray for pressing needs/concerns of people, but encouragement is given to remember that the primary focus and the group prayer time is regarding interceding for God’s work and plan at WBC.

  3. The large quantity of time should be spent in prayer not in discussion and sharing of prayer requests.

  4. A time of Scripture sharing that connects to a church prayer request & ministry can be an effective way to shape the focus and intentions of the prayer group.

You can either download a PDF to print, fill out, and turn in, or you can fill out the online form.

My Day-2-Pray
Information Card
The day I will pray each week for the church as part of the "Day-2-Pray" Prayer ministry is:

Thanks for submitting!

Couple/Family or Group
Our Day-2-Pray
Information Card
Type of Group
The day we will pray each week for the church as part of the "Day-2-Pray" Prayer ministry is:

For Groups Only:

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